The smart assistant of the wine

An artificial intelligence which predicts the ideal date of consumption of wines


Digital services around wines

Save time and stand out from the competition

Marketing tool on the sale of wine

A tool creating new opportunities by putting in front of wines according to their ideal date of consumption

Decision-making tool

A tool which estimates the potential of your wines on important volumes in a automated way. Integrated in one management tool of cellar or into a decision-making tool, it will help your customers to make their choice with regard to date.

Improvement of your wines sheets

Increase your rate of transformation on your wines sheets by integrating directly the potential of determined guard statistically.

A powerful tool

The artificial intelligence analyzes the dominating criteria in the ageing of the wine by basing itself on a big volume of data. So it is capable of identifying these criteria on not referenced wines and of predicting their ideal date of consumption.

The wine DATA marketplace

Discover the new product from Sublivin : access to multiple sources of data from an unified API. Sell or Buy your data with this API. Inerconnect artificial intelligence with other wine data sources.

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