data science in the service of the wine

Big Data, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning. So many terms which return more and more often on the Web and which are all connected. Each includes techniques which we use on our solution to predict the evolution of the wine

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Big volumes of data

The domain of Big Data consists in extracting precise information from very important volumes of data. Today, the volumes of data collected on the Internet allow to deduct trends and statistics. The prediction of the date is an information which we determine from such volumes of data as the meteorological data for example.

An artificial intelligence which learns alone

It extracts data of Big Data.This technical field includes several algorithms which we combined to predict the date by reproducing the logical reasoning and by using in parallel methods of regression. Machine learning includes mechanics which allow the machine to learn by experience feedback.

Logical reasoning

We reproduce the reasoning of a wine steward but on so important volumes of data that they are humanely unrelenting.

Parallel criteria

We define determining and common criteria in the potential of guard which are put in parallel with the criteria of the analyzed wine. The same approach can be operated for the evolution of the taste.

The wine is a complex product which evolves over time

We include in our calculations of numerous criteria, as the classic criteria such as the naming and the weather report, but also more complex such as the evolution of the price during the years and the semantic analysis of comments of tastings on wines. We exclude the chemical data of our calculations (except the legal compulsory data as for example the degree of alcohol), because these data are held most of the time only by the producers. Databases graphs which we use to store our data allow to answer the need for dynamic evolution in front of wine which is a product gives a complex in miles to facets.

Geological data and wine area

Meteorological data

Data stemming from semantic analysis

Other data around the wine