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Based on our artificial intelligence engine, choose one or several following services wich will bring an increase in value to your business

Put in front ready-to-drink wines

Our label guarantees that the wine is for its best potential in a date given (specify in the month near). This labelling stemming from the engine of the artificial intelligence allows you to emphasize certified wines.

Avoid the constraints of the classic labels

The labelling is determined in a totally automated way, according to the data supplied on the wine. The process specifying the label Sublivin is thus immediate contrary to the classic labels such as medals, guides or competitions, which can be long, boring and expensive.

An additional marketing power during main events

Our artificial intelligence can determine a selection of wines good to drink for a precise event and thus in a date given (ex: for the next Valentine’s Day) onto your collection. So you can establish easily a selection of wines and put forward(advance) it.

On your database

Choose wines to be excluded

An API to your service

The decision support can be integrated on any IT solution via the API. A system of requests is defined to calculate automatically the information which are necessary for you in a limited way on one or several wines.

Administrez l'API

Visualisez les statistiques d'utilisations

Integrate the ideal date of consumption on your wine sheet

Choose a playful and hard-hitting way of improving the visualization of the data on your product sheets simply with textual date and/or with the curve of ageing of the wine.

Take advantage of the integrated cellar management

The cellar management using API could be integrated into e-commerce platforms and into mobile applications. Sublivin becomes then a footbridge which centralizes the cellar management and interconnects several sites / applications. Follow-up email automated and connected to this cellar management system allow to improve the customer retention on your platform.

Our business it is also...

Showcasing the predicted data


Choose the simplest format of communication between your platform and Sublivin. Get back the results of the artificial intelligence in the json format or xml.


Integrate easily the data supplied by Sublivin on your site whether it is in the form of a plugin or of a Javascript code.

Personalized integration

Delegate to experts’ team the specific customization of the integration of the data supplied by Sublivin.